If Facebook is really seeing a decline in active users, watch out

Interesting report from GWI Social.

It looks as if Facebook has seen a drop of 9% in active publishing users. This could be a serious problem if it continues, particularly if their less active users use it to stay in touch. A decline in new content makes the visit less interesting (or less frustrating if you feel that way).
So should brands be looking beyond Facebook yet? Well yes, depending on their audience (that’s always been the case). But there’s no need to panic yet, I imagine Facebook will be able to slow down the decline, and they are still a real force to be reckoned with.

What is interesting is the growth of social tools that are easy to publish to (eg posting a photo), or more rewarding to publish to eg Dubsmash. As ever, digital usage migrates to things that are easier or better.

The sector will continue to fragment – only underlining the need for brands to have a coherent strategy that helps them determine which social media they SHOULD use and which they should NOT use.

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