Merry omni-channel gift



This “thank-you” from Sainsbury’s is a perfect example of omni-channel because it goes against the rush to digitise everything. It uses the best channel channel to show real-world appreciation; a real-world gift.


The surprise box arrived from Sainsbury’s in the post, landing with a solid thump on the floor. It’s not an email. It’s not inviting me to download an App, or visit a Facebook page to
express my engagement. The choice of a cardboard box adds real value to the pack.
It was uninvited, and unexpected. It is simple and full of impact. And created a sense of intrigue and delight.


Integrated with the Christmas TV commercial and online presence, is brings the campaign to life and makes it feel much more personal.  Then, if you’re still hungry for some digital interaction, the facebook page and the App are full of additional surprises. I was pleased to note that some happy customers have written on Facebook to say thanks for the gift.  That is clever omni-channel thinking.


For me, the box is the best bit, because it delights and fits the design.

Whether you like the campaign concept or not, the execution into different channel is excellent.
Well done Sainsbury’s

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