Mobile apps – only attractive if i can trust you

Imagine how safe we would feel on the internet if there were no viruses, phishing or spam. I for one would have downloaded many, many different applications, from games to software upgrades.

But we do have all the threats, and as a result, not that many people download programmes, or even enjoy shopping online.

So I am watching with interest how the applications sector evolves on mobile. And hoping that the operators,  handset manufacturers and application stores can keep the threatening forces at bay and allow the true potential of mobile to be realised.

I am hopeful because I don’t think I have ever seen such a concentration of organisations actively nurturing and protecting a market. But part of me dreads the first disaster headlines: Collected contact details or crashed mobile phones.

So maybe someone like the CTIA, GSMA or OMA should create an approval system for Application Distributors that guarantees that any app sales house will only make available trouble-free downloads for mobiles?

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