Selligent Awards show growth of omni-channel as the new norm, but the need for creativity is unchanged

Competition is a wonderful thing.  It’s at the heart of marketing.

If you can’t find a way to be relevant to the customer, they choose someone else.

So I find judging award entries in marketing a real treat.

Judging campaigns years ago was easier because less brands could offer sophisitcated CRM abilities, so it was often easier to spot the good and the bad. Now, however, technologies like Selligent make it much easier for brands to run relatively sophisticated multi-media campaigns to segmented audiences with live feeds onto websites and social media. And that makes the playing field more level across many more aspects of a any campaign. Which in turn makes it more difficult to judge.

But as I read through each entry in the Selligent Awards, I’m delighted with the level of sophisitcation that is now accessible to all, and many are using it brilliantly. Some are laying the foundations for future one-to-one marketing across multi-channels whilst others are already there.

But one thing is still as true as it was years ago. A strong creative idea executed with sensitivity across different points in the customer journey still seems to generate the best results.

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