GDPR’s unexpected damage to brands

For all its good intentions, GDPR is likely to encourage language and behaviour that damages relationships. That is because legal and unequivocal text is not conducive to enhancing the warm relationships that we in Marketing have spent so many years … Continued

Merry omni-channel gift

    This “thank-you” from Sainsbury’s is a perfect example of omni-channel because it goes against the rush to digitise everything. It uses the best channel channel to show real-world appreciation; a real-world gift. The surprise box arrived from Sainsbury’s in … Continued

Don’t forget the basics in digital

Visiting the Technology for Marketing show last week was interesting. The focus seems to have turned to the more business-focused technologies like marketing automation and analytics, and away from the glitter of virtual reality, Apps and beacons. But even with … Continued

Google Trips takes control

  This is a great move for Google, and a great little App for me. Google Trips puts Google right at the heart of any journey. By helping me, it means they can serve relevant ads to me, and can even … Continued

Smile and buy, but not online

Walking down a country path, you smile and offer a greeting as you pass a stranger.  He smiles back and returns the greeting. A connection is made and you both walk on feeling happier. It’s well recognised that smiles translate … Continued

Advertising generates 180% ROI

A question I am often asked is does advertising actually work. According to WARC, who have launched an ROI Benchmarker, high-performing advertising campaigns generate an average of 180% ROI within the first year. This means that the real impact is … Continued