Good to see a city moving to customer-centric comms

I was impressed again this year by the quality of the both the planning and the creativity shown in omnichannel customer when I judged recently at the Selligent awards What really struck me this time was the breadth of organisations that are now using this sort of technology to both improve the customer experience and […]

Customer journey: a brighter future this time around

Great article and clear thinking on the customer journey again from Harvard Business Review. Using Automation, Proactive Personalisation, Context and Innovation they say companies can disrupt the traditional customer journey to entice more customers to buy, more quickly and for longer. Unsurprisingly, the most successful brands have the structures, cultures and processes to deliver this. […]

Jack Daniel’s mixing CRM and Social is a good foundation

Jack Daniel’s idea of matching a database of user emails to their based of social fans is clever (as reported in The Drum).  It allows them to concentrate on serving ads at known customers whilst offering content to fans who have not given an email address. But why bother paying to advertise to people when […]

QR code takes a user to the wrong site

It had to happen at some point. A company builds a microsite and forgets that someone else can buy up the URL at some point in the future. Now it’s happened in Germany. A customer has walked innocently into a porn site. This was something we predicted when we at the Mobile Codes Consortium were […]

Millennials focus on price when buying insurance online – but reputation remains important

No surprise. Millennials are most swayed by price when researching insurance online according to eMarketer. That’s 70%, which is less than our reserach found. But the research glosses over the fact that nearly half (46%) value reputation.  To understand that reputation a little more, we split out how the different elements of trust (benevolence, integrity and […]